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American Business Book Cafe´

We deliver the essence of influential business books to you and your team.

Ideas are the seeds of Inspiration and Innovation. One of Japan’s historical strengths is its exceptional ability to adopt an idea, make it work well within its own culture and then continue to develop that idea until a new global standard has been set. American Business Book Cafe´ offers its customers access to many of the current “ideas” that are published in the English-speaking world.

With a yearly subscription customers receive forty new book summaries per year plus access to a library of previous book summaries. Each summary is comprehensive in nature with a length of about 8 pages. Our books are chosen especially for the Japan market from leading publishers and authors with all permissions secured.

We offer a “Business 40” course and a “Women’s 40” course. The content of the latter varies from the former by about 25% with the difference being an extra emphasis on women authors or issues unique to women in the business world.

Summaries are in Japanese unless the bilingual option is chosen. The Bilingual Set gives customers both a Japanese only document and a J/E side-by-side bilingual document.

Individual and Corporate licenses are available with the latter including all the content of the “Business 40”, “Women’s 40”, and Bilingual Set options.

If you want to nurture creativity, global perspective, and a greater familiarity with current business issues either personally or within your team American Business Book Cafe´ has an easy to use and time-effective system prepared for you and your staff.

Time. - Comprehensive 8 page summaries in Japanese or J/E language formats.
Creativity. - New releases, best-sellers, and classics in a wide range of business genres.
Insight. - Global perspectives from over 40 specially chosen books per year.

FAQ and About Us

1. How are Books Delivered

When you log-in to the member page you are able to download each new book along with the books from the previous month. You also have access to the library from your member page.

New books are posted every Thursday evening except for the last Thursday of the month. Thus there are 40 new books per year.

We will also send a short weekly e-mail notification to your registered address to notify you of each new posting.

2. How are Books Chosen

Some books are recent best sellers; some are modern business “classics”; some are “hidden treasures”, and some are just incredibly interesting. It is possible that some books have been translated into Japanese or soon will be, but this is not part of our selection criteria. Our editorial staff looks over each book carefully and then selects ones that seem most appropriate for the Japanese market.

Some ideas in the books are very Western (Europe, USA, South America) while other ideas are more universal and easily apply to the Japanese business environment. In either case, we think that each book is valuable in increasing the global perspective, business knowledge, and creativity of our customers.

3. Copywrite Issues

Every year there are over 4500 business books published in the English language. The competition is very great and therefore publishers and authors grant our American partner, Business Summaries, permission to provide these summaries to our customers.

The benefit to everyone is clear. Authors and publishers have their works known more widely. Our summaries are very thorough but if a book’s contents are particularly helpful to you or your company, many people buy the book itself.

We only summarize books by permission so you can enjoy them freely.

4. Please Help Us

Did you enjoy a book summary and want to pass it along to a friend? We expect that this will happen. It is good publicity for our company and it makes us happy that our product is helpful to you.

However, please do not systematically pass books along to the same individual or organization. The user agreement that you agree to is for a single user only. Our staff work very hard to create a valuable product.

We have made our prices low enough that we want anyone to be able to have their own subscription. If you are finding these summaries helpful to your company or organization ask your company to contact us about a corporate license. Per person, these are very inexpensive and can be used freely throughout the organization.

Please also do not post a downloadable version of a summary on any public or private website without the permission of American Business Book Cafe´ or Global Best.

The User Agreement (in Japanese) states very clearly the single use aspects of our service.

Company Overview:

American Business Book Cafe´ is a service of Global Best LLC of America. Global Best’s president has 20 years of enterprise management and team development experience in Japan.

Global Best has partnered with Business Summaries Inc., one of America’s leading providers of “executive summary” products. Global Best’s Japan representative is LifeMap Consulting.

Our staff of 3 editors, 4 translators and 1 web engineer are dedicated to giving you and your staff the highest quality human resource development tools and products.